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No dates for years

Predictions of apocalyptic events that would result in the extinction of humanity, a collapse of civilization, or the destruction of the planet have been made since at least the beginning of the Common Era. At the end of the sixth millennium the Messiah will grant the gift of eternal life — the Age of Life to all who believe and obey Him. May 25, at 9: Satan released from prison, after years of imprisonment, and new wars of conquest and another Armageddon? The serpent being chained and cast into the bottomless pit in To help me spread my message to the world! To start, I came to a decision about this subject last year from reading the Bible and studying certain writings from websites that published information on this topic, so believe we are in the year , and this lasts until the First Hebrew month in in the Spring. The next 31 year period ends in August , possibly with alien invasion of earth, after the rise and fall of the Antichrist Putin.

No dates for years

An asteroid hits in the ocean, causing a giant tidal wave, and splitting into 7 pieces, so 7 impacts; and also a disease plague. They even show how 17 AD was a Jubilee year. Secretary General said the Cold War is back again. The second 31 year period ended in , with a series of disasters and the death of Chairman Mao, and Communism was declining then. Will King Tut's curse be unleashed again as the Antichrist Putin and nuclear war? Sincerely, June 3, at 9: Guatemala Central America volcano eruption. The and eclipses form an X across the U. These are sealed in their foreheads, I think that means they are alien abductees who have been given brain implants by the aliens in their foreheads, in preparation for the alien invasion. This site proposes that events described in the Bible's Book of Revelation are coming true now, as described on the first page. About alien takeover of earth, completed in ? Controlling earthquakes is easy for these aliens. A new submarine launched cruise missile. And Alien UFO invasion. Putin in a speech unveiled new Russian nuclear weapons to attack the U. Between one and three percent of people from both countries thought the apocalypse would be caused by zombies or alien invasion. Would you recommend one publisher of the creation calendar please? The Antichrist is defeated by the returned Christ, as described in Revelation Very significant in Bible prophecy! I know how you feel. While these predictions are generally accepted as plausible within the scientific community, the events and phenomena are not expected to occur for hundreds of thousands or even billions of years from now. Could relate to the March 1 speech by Putin where he unveiled new nuclear weapons, and showed a threatening video of a Russian missile launch on Florida in the U. Also note that in Greek, where each letter is also a number, "Titan" totals , another indication of the Cassini landing on Titan being connected with the Antichrist. March 24, at 4: This is the second death. Note that there was a bright comet in March and also November The year of alien invasion of earth by the Anunnaki aliens, according to the book:

No dates for years

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