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Dating not marriage ep 12 recap

She starts tearing up so Hoon Dong reminds her that she still has Yeo Reum. Yeo-reum is the first to find her, and he thinks back to the other night when Jang-mi presented him with an envelope of money. Go talk to your wife. Hyun-hee shows off her sonogram photos to Jang-mi, and invites her to the wedding. This is too familiar for Jang Mi, who thinks back to when they left her alone when she was 5 years old. His evening continues this way, as he sees Jang-mi teasing Nemo, or stealing bites of his ramyun. Grandma and aunt tsks tsks him and leaves while Mom tells dad to sleep at home for the time being, until everything settles down.

Dating not marriage ep 12 recap

Gi Tae asks if she really had to go this far. A week later, Grandma and Mi-jung whine in sync about how lonely and boring the house is without Jang-mi to come by. Ki-tae whispers that he never wants to see her again, so she leaves, humiliated. Oh, this is so sad. Ouch, his poor ego. Wanting to be happy and wanting to receive love…everyone wants that sincerely. Jang-mi starts to cower in fear and takes off in a run, and Ki-tae chases after her to yank her back and yell at her some more. Jang-mi starts crying harder to know that Ki-tae likes her, and hits Hoon-dong for telling her and making it harder go get over him. Hoon Dong thinks that Yeo Reum is talking about him and the whole scene plays out like they are breaking up. He falters a little when she prods and he says he might, but he quickly takes it back. They seal the deal with rainy kisses. Jang-mi watches her go and remembers all the times everyone around her assumed she was marrying Ki-tae for money. Ki-tae turns and walks away, leaving Jang-mi alone at the altar. She smiles a little at that, pleased that he seemed to be waiting for her. Jang-mi says that they should never have started this, and that she should have listened when he tried to set boundaries. Looks like some more teamwork may be required to patch up their broken families, and more importantly, their own hearts. Who do you think spread such absurd rumors? He pulls Se-ah all the way to the riverside and stops without ever looking at her. They stand for a long moment, faltering every time they try to speak. What kind of bullshit is it that sincerity will make its way through? She hangs out while he works, but not even her creative calisthenics can get his attention. Mom whirls and walks away, and Jang-mi accuses Yeo-reum of doing that on purpose. Jang-mi and Yeo-reum wait at a coffee shop to do the same, and Jang-mi worries that his entire plan seems to be to charm the blogger into recanting. She makes Hoon-dong promise not to tell Ki-tae about her feelings because it will just complicate everything further. Ki-tae stands in his empty quiet house, no longer looking happy to be alone.

Dating not marriage ep 12 recap

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